I’m Pear, like the fruit. I am an art student who likes to have the same lunch every day. If this does not fill you with confidence about the trustworthiness of my recipes, that is absolutely fine. I am a brown person who seasons their food and an avid baker who always uses kitchen scales, just to be abundantly clear.

When I am not eating the same lunch, I am making things from a handful of favoured food blogs, books, and my blog archive. This last is intended to be a sort of online recipe book rather than A Food Blog heaving with hundreds of glossy photos, sponcon, and regular Content that is directed at some kind of readership. As of late 2020, this project is not a proper food blog and does not engage with that established form, relieving myself of the burden of recipe-testing, effortful planning for mediocre food photography, and an irritating comments section filled with ghastly questions I never answered.

I live with Mr. Pear. We are both Londoners. He does the washing up with great diligence. When I asked him if he would still love me if I woke up with chocolate eyeballs, he said it was ‘difficult to answer these hypothetical questions.’ A keeper.

You are welcome to read my work and then kindly go away. No correspondence can be entered into, &c.

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  2. Pear, you’re awesome. Talented, eloquent and very awesome, in fact. Following you from now on (love your story of your courtship with Mr Pear. Very romantic, methinks! I love quick decisions. Too much time is wasted deliberating!)

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