The Baked Peartato

‘I am a strong, independent personfruit,’ I think to myself as I walk back home from a quick shop for food. I am holding a packet of reduced-price leeks, and in my handbag there is a yoghurt and a very large baking potato. The potato weighs 730g (over 1.5lbs) and is nearly the same size … Continue reading

Mushroom and Stilton Tart
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Mushroom and Stilton Tart

If your name is Mr. Pear, then you dislike both mushrooms and strong cheese. Repelled by the unbearably savoury thought of garlic, spring onions, mushrooms, herbs, and blue cheese encased in buttery pastry, you would undoubtedly flee at the sight (the stench?) of such a creation.  The rest of us would fall greedily upon the … Continue reading